Building systems Retro-commissioning
When retrofitting mechanical systems, engineers can utilize the data collected by our technicians. By documenting existing systems, we provide valuable information that uncovers pre-existing conditions. The design process is therefore more precise and economical.
Building owners can also benefit from the HVAC system troubleshooting we perform. Our technicians can solve total building system problems, not just air handling unit situations.

Building systems commissioning                                                                                                                                                      Building Systems Commissioning (BSC) is a disciplined procedure designed to provide a building owner with a completed building operating as designed and specified. Its intent is to furnish a building owner with a high degree of assurance that equipment and systems have been installed in the prescribed manner and will operate according to the performance guidelines. Air Systems Balancing is a NEBB Certified Commissioning Administrator and is prepared to offer a full range of Commissioning services.

Under the commissioning process, a single source, individual agent, or organization has contractual responsibility to coordinate tests, verify and report on the operational condition, capability and performance of the building’s major operating systems included in the commissioning scope. Building Systems Commissioning normally includes providing effective training for the building operating and maintenance personnel. The ultimate range of commissioning can be applied to the total building including all components required for its operation.


  • During the design phase, commissioning will assist the design professional to insure a commissionable project.
  • During construction, commissioning will provide installation inspection, enhance communications between trades and assist in expediting startup construction schedules.
  • Commissioning will ensure, demonstrate and document that all systems and sub-systems included in the commissioning scope are installed and are operating in compliance with the project construction documents.
  • Commissioning will ensure that operating personnel are properly instructed and prepared to effectively operate the building systems included in the commissioning scope.


Properly commissioned building systems provide the following advantages:

  • Building systems that operate correctly and at maximum efficiency within design limits.
  • Systems that have complete and correct interaction, even between complex building systems.
  • Systems that have been balanced for maximum occupant comfort.
  • Building systems operators that have been instructed in the operation and maintenance of all mechanical and electrical equipment and systems to keep them operating at their design efficiencies.
  • Post acceptance coordination to ensure that systems are tested at near design conditions.

Certified Testing And Balancing, Air and Hydronic
Environmental systems are designed to provide a proper balance of air movement, temperature and humidity to create a comfortable and healthy indoor environment. In order for these systems to perform as designed, testing and balancing is needed. Without proper TAB (testing, adjusting and balancing), an environmental system can rarely meet all the objectives set by the design engineer. Research has proven that proper TAB will improve HVAC performance in terms of comfort and health, reduce maintenance costs by uncovering potential problems and provide 5 to 15% savings in energy costs.